RichUK: I’m A Good Karaoke Singer

The Urban music loving bad boy from Rotherham returned to casting on Ivlog recently, along with his ‘it’s half Krissy’ sidekick.

Previously known as ‘thenorthernmonkey’ , it was good to see Dicky back on our screens, twitch’s an all, still 6 stone of bones, still hiding his acne behind his black and white cam, and still as fucking deluded as ever.

Welcome back Dicky boy 🙂

Dicky - I am good at Karaoke when i'm drunk

Ah yes, we remember Dickster’s excellent singing don’t we 😉

Yeah boy, you got dem vocals for real 🙂

On a more realistic note, his e-girlfriend from the States, it’s_krissy is now more it’s_half_krissy. Remember the woman who was so overweight she was literally gasping for oxygen just by talking?

Well, she’s back with a slimmer look for 2016.

She’s gone from this:

it'skrissy fat

to this:

it'skrissy looking slimmer

Credit where it’s due, she’s lost a good few stone by the looks of it. And without wanting to sound cruel, it was needed. I honestly don’t think she would of seen another 2 years if she hadn’t taken drastic action.

Well done Krissy.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

6 Thoughts to “RichUK: I’m A Good Karaoke Singer”

  1. the destroyer

    i’ll just leave this here 🙂

    1. lol. We’ve got/had ALL their doxx for a few years now. Thanks anyway.

  2. Ryan_Hifi

    really? doxing comments allowed to be published Karl??

    1. Not normally Ryan, but you have to remember our friend Dicky loves to try and Doxx people on a daily basis, same as the other UKInvasion girls.

      So if somebody want’s to return their favour, then feel free.

      What’s that saying ‘an eye for an eye’

      Maybe you should go and ask his doxxed victims if they feel it is wrong for allowing somebody to return the favour?


  3. Provider-of-Meatloaf


    When are you gonna start a blog so you can show us how it’s done?

    Get busy, fat boy! There’s a world to be saved!

  4. Eneida

    She looks just as fat on both pictures. A stone is 12-15 pounds? She hasn’t lost anything.

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